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Shot my first duplex loads yesterday in my .54-caliber flintlock

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I have been experimenting with home brew bp. Have not been liking the delay or lack of pop in it in my flinter. Goes off but slow and no real bang. So put 10gr of 2f ole eye first and 90 grain of home brew. I get the bang now and more of a push. Still working on everything but it takes up some time in the day making, researching and thinking. We gotta do what we gotta do to keep a shootin.
The old ensford is good powder has anyone heard if the Goex is going to open anytime soon? We have become a 3rd world nation. My brother tranny in his outback started slipping it is in the shop for a month because the kit that Subaru sells to fix it is out of stock. Like backordering bp no hard in stock dates. Buffalo Arms does have Swiss I checked there website last night they have Swiss and Shutzen. Graf had no Swiss. Terrible
I'd been doing this for a while now, but recently stopped when I started using 3f Triple 7 instead of 2f. I found I no longer needed it. I don't use it in my flintlock though.
Sam Fadala recommended these type loads for use with pyrodex 40+ years ago.
This helped ignition some but,in those days Black powder was easy to get and
it wasn't worth the hassle in loading. With powder harder to get it is coming back
into use. Some call it a kicker load. Powder makers, at one time gave instructions
on doing it. Our hope is that good supply of real BP will return soon.
Thanks for the info , I have not tried it but always thought I would , except for reading quite a lot of warning not to use duplex loads the past few years, I suppose it is like the proposition 65 warning everywhere. It is nany from cradle to grave lawyer type stuff, at least in Ca.
I am going to try a bit of 2ffg or 3 fffg kicker with Swiss 1 1/2 that I have. When loading the 1 1/2 in one of my rifles the grains are too large to get past the patent breach restriction and bridge over leaving a void in the chamber, not I think a good thing
, if it would even fire.