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Remember this Davy Crockett movie scene?

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A great boyhood memory, but watching now there is so much wrong from the rifles having no recoil, to loading from the horn, to the lead balls stacked in the cardboard target, and jee whiz the coon skin hats look mighty warm for that environment.

I do remember as a kid wondering why the targets weren't round / circular "bulls eyes", was that shape/style a thing back then ?
The turkey shoot in the movie Seargent York is realy good with Gary Cooper.

They have a shoot like the DC shoot in the Hawkeye tv series as well, very similar but it ends with shooting two tossed potatoes into the air and using two different rifles to get them both in the air, Hawkeye won of course.
Have to keep in mind it was meant to be entertainment, not a documentary. I remember Fess Parker saying that he and Mike Mazurki, the actor portraying Bigfoot Mason, were both big guys and the stuntman Disney had hired for the film was a lot smaller. As a result Fess and Mike had to do a lot of their own stunts and got pretty well beat up in the process.

As a five year old, the Davy Crockett craze that took over the country was the smoldering ember that became the spark that started my love for muzzleloading. I really don't care just how inaccurate those films were, I enjoyed them back then and still do today when I feel that need for a touch of nostalgia.