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Powder Horn spout trouble

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Dec 5, 2018
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I’m probably over thinking this and stressing myself out.
I’m making a horn for my Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle that came on Saturday. Trying to get the stopper to seal as bast as possible. No matter what I do I can get it darn near air light but if I put water in the horn, it will trickle out around the spout. Tried fitting 3 different stoppers and no luck. I’m not worried about the large end because I’m going to epoxy and pin it.
I think the issue is caused by the fact a hogged out the spout hole trying to make it straight.
Am I just overthinking and overdoing this? Any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Hopefully I don’t have to toss this one and start a new horn. I really like the way this one looks!

Had I just epoxied the base plug in first I would not have noticed this issue and everything would be fine!


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You can get those 1/8th to 1/2 inch tapered reamers at Harbor Freight. Thats what I use after I drill the hole. Then I use a fiddlers tuner thing from TOW.
I've never heard of using water in a horn, that's new to me.

there isn't a powder that is usable in a muzzleloader that has the fluidity of water. never heard of fff or ff water.
if the plug stays put when inserted you are good to go.
if it doesn't stay put I have carved a groove around the bung and used an o ring that just clears the groove.
another method is a single wrap of rawhide applied wet to the bung and left to dry. usually gets fitted when inserted multiple times.
Thats going to be a pretty horn. I'm guessing the hole has become out of round and the peg now won't seal it. Have you considered reaming the hole into round, then making a new peg to fit the corrected hole? I've got a horn I started 40+ years ago and drilled a hole which is just a little too big to have any commercial peg fit tight. I have considered lining it with a brass tube secured in place with bedding compound. The tube being selected to be of an inside diameter which will get along with a normal sized peg. Just a thought.
I want to thank all you guys for the suggestions!
I have done several different things and decided it is what it is!
Shape a peg or two more and let it go. My try a brass tube insert on down the road. Used that on a little flat priming hone I made to stop a crack in the spout.
All the best and thank you gentlemen!