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Oct 10, 2004
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Florence Alabama
Lovely rifle, but my 74 year old eyes can't even come close to making out the sights and cataract surgery is at least 2 or 3 years off. I have shot the rifle about 10 times. I have added peeps to some of my other rifles but this one looks too good to alter in such a manner.

I bought this kit off a guy who who said he didn't have time to put it together, what it turned out was he had cracked the forestock by not knowing the correct way to pull a tight barrel out of the inlet (he didn't mention this). The barrel was a very, very tight fit until I draw filed it, then the fit was perfect. I am a wizard at repairing cracks after 25 years of bow making.

Here is the repaired crack, it starts just above the pin and angles down about 2", I reinforced the area inside the barrel channel as well, it will never be a problem.


I also cracked the forestock ever so slightly at the inlet pipe by pushing a slightly too large ramrod in the hole as a test. Since I took this first repaired picture I have sanded a little more to make the tiny crack invisible, like the other crack this one is reinforced inside and out with thin wicking superglue. The long line you see is a grain runout in the wood, the actual crack is about 3/8" long.


Being a very honest guy I could have kept quiet about these repairs and no one would have noticed them but that is not my way.

Now for the good stuff, this is an early Kibler kit with figured walnut (darker than it appears in the pictures) with a 46" A weight Rice barrel with round bottom rifling and a Chambers Late Ketland lock (fast, fast, fast).


I grayed all the metal and found this finish not to be very durable compared to browning but it sure looks good, I added a toeplate and incised moldings on the buttstock and forestock.





Walnut curl in the sunlight, it is less bold in normal light.


The bore is pristine, I did give it a good scrubbing with JB bore paste followed by JB Bore bright to give it a mirror finish.



This gun comes with a Rice 48" range rod, all the necessary cleaning jags and almost 200 .310 round lead balls.

I don't want to ship, local pick up only or delivered to the Alabama Kentucky Long Rifle show next weekend,

$1250 cash, the price is fair and firm and a real bargain at that. I live just outside Florence AL, PM me if you want to call or drop by to look at the rifle.

About the upcoming show;

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