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SOLD Pietta 1851 1860 Civilian?

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Oct 24, 2022
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Don't really know what to call this. I read somewhere that there was an 1860 Civilian model. No shoulder stock mounts like the Army. Might be one of those so called 1851 in 44 caliber.
Colt 1860 44 Civilian? model with 3-1/4" barrel with extra cylinder. Made by Pietta. The area where the loading lever goes has been removed by previous owner. Has the bead front sight. Don't know if its been fired. In real clean condition. Bore looks good and cylinder chambers are bright. Nipples look like they have never been hit, on both cylinders. Action is great. I have not shot this revolver. It came with another 1860 frame that has been modified for a Kirst conversion with the cylinder. I'm needing a Pietta 1860 barrel and grips. Not wanting any 51 octagon barrel. The 51 grips will not fit either. I done tried them.
Asking $250 shipping included. $215 without the extra cylinder. Partial trade for complete grip assembly and barrel for an 1860. Barrel does not need to have the loading lever.


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