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Pedersoli Brown Bess Carbine

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Aug 20, 2019
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Austin, TX
Itching for a nice trade gun but still a good ways off on the waiting list. I decided to scratch that itch with a Pedersoli Brown Bess carbine. I have never been very good practicing patience.

Got out and shot it yesterday. It is so much fun. I fired about forty shots. Didn’t have any misfire and the flint is still sharp. Can’t say I hit my target a lot, but missing with it was even fun. This is my first smooth bore so I will have to learn aiming with it.

Now I am in full blown excited mode for a trade gun.
I got one given to me a few years ago and after practicing with it I got a nice gobbler, last year got an 8 point buck. Like yours I never have misfires. Hope you get out there and have fun with it and get some animals. It’s a hole different kind of hunting with a lot of limitations
Reliable old things them Pedersoli carbine Bess's.
I don't have mine now but it took a heap of stuff.
I’ve had my Pedersoli Bess carbine (got her secondhand by trading away a Lyman GPR I had been given by a friend as repayment for a loan) since 1994. Love that little gun! Handles like a dream and shoots better than I do!