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Pawnshop find , what is it ??

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Yes, @ Jaeger, I did. And I ate every bit of her too! Though, the deer in question is not a Bambi fawn. This is a first-year Chital hind, otherwise known as Axis Deer. Some say they are the prettiest of all the deer species. They were introduced into Queensland, Australia, back in the mid 1800s, from India (where they originate from). She yielded thirty kilos of lean meat including backstraps, rolled-belly roasts, shoulders, neck, rump and legs. Herewith, immediately below, for you, an example of a Chital fawn, which I don't shoot, as they are far too soft and not big enough for a decent sandwich ;). The stags I let go too, as they can be very lean, a little gamey and not as tender; young does without milk, or young at foot, are supreme. Mind, a tiger in India wouldn't pass any of them up!

For the original poster, my Pedersoli .54 Rocky Mountain Hawken, with one in sixty twist, is my favourite round ball rifle for stalking.

Cheers, Pete

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We have those here in Southwest Florida along the Peace River valley. Most people say they got away from a high fence ranch during hurricane Charley in 2004.

They are considered feral with no bag limit much like hogs. Many years ago I had hiked a good piece down the Peace River which is pretty remote at that point. I was sitting on the bank taking a little break and across the river outstepped a big Axis deer buck with a magnificent rack and several does following..... Naturally I did not have a gun with me. They were only about a hundred foot away.
Whatever the rifle is - that's a lovely piece of Maple;
My 'best' find was a Pedersoli Tryon in 54 which came off an auction site here in NZ - I paid NZ$250 and it came with a mould; caps and a case! Somedays you just have to get lucky.
Enjoy shooting your 'Hawken'

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