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Patterns: Pedersoli 12ga & Ruger O/U

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40 Cal
Jan 15, 2021
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Patterned both guns today in the back yard at 40Y.

I intended to hunt turkey with the beautiful Pedersoli almost no matter what but I wanted to see how it stacked up to the modern gun.

The Ruger was shooting 2 3/4" shells with 1 1/16 oz #4.

The SBS is 80gr each of FFg and #6 shot, loaded Skychief style.

Regarding that, I had intended to compare Skychief vs. "normal" loading style, but didn't shoot the latter because I had before and I could tell this right away:

The left barrel, choked Mod, shot very very similar with the Skychief load as with "normal" procedure. The right, improved cyl, definitely shot tighter the Skychief way - you can see that the right is very close in density to the left! The Skychief method sort of evens them out - which it is basically designed to do.

Now, if I were shooting #6 in the Ruger, I'd definitely have more pellets in the zone than the ML. But the ML will kill a turkey at 40Y with a good shot. (I do still struggle a bit with the SBS POI difference between the two barrels.

And that Ruger has some hole in the pattern too! And the price of turkey shotshells (if you can even find them) is FREAKING CRAZY now.

Left to right it's Ruger, Pedersoli Right, Pedersoli Left.


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