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Online sales craziness

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I was watching a couple of items on Gunbroker, not to purchase for myself but curious to see what others would pay. Check these out:
There are still a few honest sellers on GB, but you have to hunt them out and watch the auctions. I've seen items go for way more than they were worth and have seen a few good deals. I got a Lyman trade rifle in excellent shape for a decent price, but you have to read the fine print on each one because some of the sellers will try to make more money on the sale by listing high shipping charges. I always leave an honest review for others to see and usually mention price-gouging sellers just to make a point.
I recently purchased an older Uberti on Gunbroker, offered as “used but looks new.” It was anything but - dings, rust, and probably never cleaned. But the seller was great to resolve things. We finally worked out a deal where I got three Rapine 58 caliber Minie ball molds and two brass revolver molds that were worth more than half the value of the gun. And the gun cleaned up nicely - it was just a lot of work. There are indeed still decent folks out there, even on auction sites.

I still wouldn’t pay $1,500 bucks for any second generation revolver.