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Oh, Come On With the Inflated Caps!!

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Some people seem to be lucky sourcing caps at Walmart, but no matter how hard I try, I have had no luck when visiting their stores. My state - NJ - forget about it. But in traveling back and forth from my home to Dixon’s in PA, I’ve looked in the PA Walmarts along the way, but come up empty. Even asked the Walmart sporting goods clerk in Allentown only to find he didn’t know what percussion caps were. Those who have found caps at Walmart, what’s the secret?
NONE at wally world in Northern AZ, tried like 8 stores in 4-5 cities. Clerks had no idea what I was looking for till I showed them a photo on walmart.com and they said I could NOT order to their store?
I do want a stash of remington 10s but I've only ever had 1 tin. I just started about 4 years ago and that's right when they started to disappear online.
Was a post few weeks ago they were at Basspro. Order 6 tins at $16ish each with free shipping and the dreaded hazmat May still have some? I looked a day after I got mine and they were still listed. Mucho Moolah but I haven't the time to begin making my own now.
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Just did the math for the 250 tin caps at limit 3 with shipping and haz mat. Over $51.00 a tin. Kinda high but I just paid $16+ for cci # 10. 250 VS 100 per tin. $151 for 750 cap. I paid $121ish for 600. Im thinking thats the last cap buy I make. Will find the time to make my own and order the # 10 maker too.
I remember Amoco gold was 50cnts. a gallon
I was working at a Gulf station (70-72) while going to school. When Hi-Test No-Nox went from 39.9 to 40.9 cents folks were quite upset as the 40 cents per gallon barrier had been broken 😅 Today I paid $4.25 a gallon for 93 octane for my old sporty car which needs it.
I took my own advice so I don't worry about price or availability and all my stuff works when the trigger is pulled , and the gun show guys have a place to sell to all the guys that want to shoot (not complain about price) !/Ed
Where I live, caps at gun shows are as scarce as hen's teeth. Maybe more so.
The 3d printed caps are the future and it is here now.
Literally eliminates cap jams on their own and can be done at home by anyone with a printer or you can buy some on amazon now.
Significantly better than metallic caps.
Can you provide a link?

I have never heard of 3D printed caps? I would definitely like to know more!
I randomly found two tins of Remington #10s available at Natchez during their hazmat sale the other day, $9.99 each.

I didn't even get an email notification they were there, I was just browsing and was able to add them to my cart, but was the last 2 left sadly.

Besides that RWS caps are pretty much available 100% of the time and from what I hear are perfectly fine with all guns
(I haven't tested them yet)

RWS caps are the go-to brand for many of us here on mainland Europe and UK, when we can get them - but I haven't seen any since 2019.

They are a deal hotter than any other brand, and actually say so on the lid. A dealer here who advertises on one of our notice boards is asking 25c per top-hat cap and 18c per #10 or 11 percussion cap from CCI or Remington.

He also wants 25c per small rifle/pistol and 30c for large rifle/pistol. Magnum primers are as yet unavailable..... :(
Many people have asked, and people have posted availability but no links.

Cabela's / Bass Pro has #10 Remington caps in stock:


If you can get to a local store, you can do "local pickup / ship to store" with no shipping and no hazmat fee. I just picked up 1000 caps. $12.99 per tin of 100 caps ($.13 a cap).
Saw a tin of 100 for $12.99 at Dunham's the other day. $13 must be the new norm :confused:
RWS caps are the go-to brand for many of us here on mainland Europe and UK, when we can get them - but I haven't seen any since 2019.

Same here in the USA. RWS caps were the best in the world. They have gone dark since about 2019 like you said. I suspect the war in Ukraine is driving all German ammunition making to modern ammo.

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