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New shooter questions.

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Oct 11, 2022
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Muscle Shoals Alabama
I’ve a British back action 16 gauge that Id like to get shooting and I need some help. What should I be looking for in regards to a powder and shot measure tool?
Take a look at the adjustable powder measures at Track of the Wolf. You can use the same measure to measure out both powder and shot, you'll just need to experiment a little to see how much of each you'll need. When you buy the measure remember to get some over-powder cards, over-shot cards and vegetable wads to assembe your loads.
During load development, one usually finds that slightly more shot than powder produces the best patterns. Easy enough to make the adjustment on an adjustable powder measure. For starting out the equal volume measure of powder and shot is the way to begin this adventure.

@eodcoduto, check out the useful information available in the General Information forum.

Then read about the Skychief method to improve patterns.


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