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SOLD Never Fired! Traditions St Louis Hawken $350 Free Shipping

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Nov 23, 2021
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Terrebonne, Oregon, U.S.A
50 Cal. St. Louis Hawken - never been fired. 1 in 48 twist, 28" barrel. Sights were upgraded to cva front and rear sights because the traditions ones were plastic. Ramrod was upgraded. Was built by myself and sat oiled in the gun cabinet for 11 years. I recently got into Bp rifles and upgraded to a Great Plains rifle so I never used or fired this one. Apart from it being oiled, indoors, and in a gun cabinet, I live in a dry high climate. The barrel and hardware were plum browned and then gone over with brownells cold blue to give it a slightly aged appearance, the brass was aged with brass black. The stock was finished in birch wood Casey walnut and tru oil finish. Screws have been locktited and the tang was bedded. Comes with an extra barrel wedge. Serial numbers are hard to see after browning and bluing. Never had any interest in this rifle. Price is $350. Shipping is free to U.S.A lower 48 only were legal. I accept PayPal friends and family, cash, check, and USPS money order, will ship upon payment only, feel free to ask me questions and I’ll try to answer them to the best of my knowledge, thanks for looking.


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Dec 15, 2022
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Northwest Montana
Thanks men. Hope you are right. I did not even quibble. Makes me feel dirty when a price seems fair-especially with shipping. And the labor and quality he put into the finish is superior to my Woodsman. My Woodsman shoots great, so if this goes through, someone else can ML hunt with me. Or else ! I watched this for several days and then Bushman and az pushed me over the edge. Thanks, I will let you know the results. SW

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