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Need help with Just purchased pistol

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Nov 15, 2020
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Just purchased this and it has no markings. Help appreciated.


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I'll try a few more.


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Check the inside of the lock plate & the barrel bottom with the stock removed for any ID marks.
...if someone could identify it. I was also curious about who made the lock?

I think that is a small siler lock, made by jim chambers and listed on most gunmakers supply sites for about $175.

It's installation requires a mortice, meaning someone took the time to detail out a mortice in your gun's stock in order for it to mate with the lock. The barrel was obtained and installed in a similar manner. The reason there are no markings is because this gun was assembled by someone who ordered the parts he needed and built the gun himself and didn't leave any markings upon finishing.

You have a good pistol right there...
I think R.E. Davis used to assemble Siler locks for sale, so it could be a "Davis/Siler" lock. I believe most of the Davis locks were made from castings obtained from the Mould & Gun Shop, but I seem to recall some Silers in the R.E. Davis product line years ago, also.

I think Mr. Davis wanted to assemble the locks to his own standards, which were pretty high. There were other people assembling locks from Siler parts sets who were not doing such a good job... one in particular comes to mind... but the locks by Davis were well regarded.

Best regards,

Notchy Bob

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