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SOLD Need a winter project? How about a Flintlock kit?

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Aug 22, 2008
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East of KC, MO
Some time back I posted that I had to buy a flintlock kit that I didn’t want in order to get the finished Hawkin rifle I did want. You can refer to my original post at this link: Rifle builder Allen B. Postel of Gilbert, IA .

I finally found the time to organize the parts, build a shipping box, take photos and write this ad. These parts were purchased by the same builder, Alan Postel, who built the Hawkin rifle pictured in my older post, so they are all quality parts, mostly from TOW, with all available invoice copies included.

This offering includes the following brand new unused main components: Rice Golden Age Premium 42” .50 cal. (1:66) swamped B contour barrel with radius cut rifling, Chambers Deluxe Siler Flint Lock, a pre-carved semi-fancy to fancy Maple stock, ram rod and a Bivins single trigger and trigger guard. All the other components listed are there with the exception of the butt plate (was not with the other parts) and two capture screws for the wedge keys (B/O and probably not ever received. Everything shown shipped and insured to the lower 48 for $795.00, personal check (waiting for clearance to ship) or US Postal MO only.

Please note that all the prices of the items received from TOW are now higher than what they were when these parts were ordered in mid to later 2020. The Chambers Lock, TOW #Lock-CD-FL-RH was $194.99 then, and now is $295.00. The current price of this Rice barrel is $315.00 plus $20 to ship. The stock has been pre-carved with the ram rod channel and hole drilled and the barrel channel inletting started. Notice the four wooden blocks that have been glued to the top edges of the barrel channel. These fit tight against the barrel and allow it only to go straight down when inletting. The stock was full width as received and slabs were band-sawed off both sides of the entire barrel channel and lock/lock plate areas. These slabs were intended to be used as clamping aids when working on the stock so that a vise would not damage the sides of the forearm. These slabs were stained by me to give some idea of the figure present in the rest of the stock. The stock and stained slabs were wetted with mineral spirits for the photos.

I have reconciled the listed cost of the included parts, the current barrel cost and an estimate on the stock, which totals $1056.57, see 5th page of the invoices. Thrown in at N/C are two reference/instruction books (shown), a set of instructions from Ozark Mountain Arms and a bag of extra parts (shown together).

I have an FFL #, and if you wish check me out with ATF, PM your request and I’ll PM it to you so that you can verify my info on FFLeZCheck 3.1.2 - Federal Firearms License Search . Let me know if you have any questions. Any images may be sent in a larger file size if desired, and I have more photos than I am allowed to show in one post, so feel free to PM me and ask for more via email. Thanks for your consideration. Clint


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Aug 22, 2008
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East of KC, MO
I am surprised, as I did not think that this post went through! I'll try and get the images of the invoices posted, along with a couple more.


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