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Got some real range time in with the flintlock. The picture is 5 shots! 4 in about one hole and I pulled the last one high. I need to stop earlier! This is the best group I have ever shot with any open sighted rifle. Let alone a flintlock! I really believe the coning reduced stress on ball and patch and allows everything to stay true while loading. Again can't stress just how happy I am with the post-cone treatment results. Thanks Joe!


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Used this for my .50 Kibler Colonial. Easy to use, doesnt take long, and works great! Will post shooting results as soon as I get a chance to take it out. Thanks Joe
I bought this coning tool from Joe because of all the good reports that have been posted about it and Mike Beliveau's good videos. I got the 50 cal. and used it to cone the barrel on my Thompson Center Hawken and my Kibler Colonial Flint. The instructions were good and the tool worked great. Joe was a delight to deal with, I can highly recommend buying from him if you want a coning tool.
I contacted Mr wood after months of research about his coning tool.While I am very comfortable in many aspects of firearm building I was hesitant Of being able to cone my flintlocks..I purchase the tool and found Mr Wood one of the nicest people I have ever dealt with and within 5 days received my tool .Again hesitant I started my first coning and found it was easier than I had assumed .While I was sweating bullets It came out exactly as everyone had stated .It's an amazing tool,well made ,instructions were very straight forward and cost including shipping couldn't be beat..If your tired of using a short starter or just want to load easier then look up coning on this site or YouTube or google it then contact Mr Wood here I promise you will not regret it .Mr wood says a man’s handshake is a binding guarantee and he backs that up something very refreshing today .Thank you