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Molding a bullet pouch…

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Nov 23, 2021
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What do you guys use to wet mold your bullet pouch? I used round balls which left impressions on the outside of the ball bag, it actually looked cool so I left it that way… Do you guys use rice? Sand? Just curious… Thanks
I usually don't.
When I molded my Lyman belt bag I used heavy duty plastic bags full of lead shot, # 7 1/2 if I recall.....

Before molding,
Lyman bag 1st try 007.jpg

Lyman bag 1st try 012 wet molding .jpg

Lyman bag 1st try 019 wet molding.jpg

Lyman bag 1st try 019 wet molding .jpg
Lyman bag 1st try 025 finished.jpg

I'd forgotten but I also wet molded my goat leather shot pouch, and it is the only pic I can find of the bag of shot,

I usually prefer my ball pouches soft, like deer hide, so they don't rattle. Hard wet molded cowhide could act like a maraca (spelling?)



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