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SOLD Match tuned W. Moore Flintlock & kit

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Feb 24, 2020
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PLEASE...DO...NOT...POST...HERE... Provenance, marked "ARMI SPORT- ITALY" but the staff insisted it was sent to them recently "2018" from Pedersoli and these were made by Pedersoli. Not my claim but interesting. Quality seemed par with other Pedersoli guns so I bought it as a backup traditional flint match pistol. No factory guns I have encountered are match ready without a great deal of tuning and upgrades. Proper and new vent, sights, lock tune, trigger tune, barrel lapping mostly. Proper oil finish on stock and a bit of aging of furniture for a good look.Custom fitted Jag to factory Pedersoli rod, some .440 ball and Proper fitted patches included. The point awards display pistol is to answer who tuned this pistol. Same guy who tuned all the pistols used to acquire the display. Unfortunately for me arthritis in my wrist does not allow me to use this pistol without pain. Angle is to raked apparently. Match worthy in every way. Set trigger adjusted to 2-3 Oz. Non-set at about 1.2 pounds. $750+shipping...Contact through Forum PM please...PLEASE...DO...NOT...POST...HERE...Thanks...No Second Place...
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