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Making A Barrel Fit

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40 Cal
Apr 12, 2022
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So I ordered this 12 gauge Pedersoli barrel and it doesn't fit my receiver, the dimensions are slightly off. I wonder if it can be made to fit by a gunsmith, or if it's even worth it. Appreciate feedback, thanks.
The upper barrel is the original from 2014 the bottom is the "new" one dated 1983 according to the code.


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Your going to have to do some measuring to see if a; a tennon can be opened to receive the key and b; where to file the hooks to fit the stock plate.

As far as I'm aware no Pedersoli is a drop in swap.
I’m sure a smith could move it for you if it is just the tennon that needs fit. But then you have to worry about the barrel diameters. Barrel widths. Tang fit. Nipple locations and probably other things.
If it were mine I would remove the bad tennon. Then see if everything else is ok. If it is then I would reattach the tennon or make a new one.
Lots of risk messing up the solder on the barrel ribs if useing a torch to remove tennon. I would just grind it off and make a new one and then just spot tig weld the new one.
Good luck