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Mar 4, 2013
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I forget if paper cartridge Sharps are permitted in the discussion, if not, mods please feel free to delete. Curious if you have any suggestions, before I contact Lodgewood.

I have a Pedersoli with an original lock plate on it. The internals are all Pedersoli. It started giving intermittent light hammer strikes. I could literally see the difference in the speed of the hammer falling. It would do this even if I was just capping (showing that it's not a weird fouling issue). I've checked, and there's no sign of drag on the back of the hammer (as if the lockplate screw was too far in). I've even removed the pellet primer feeder arm, in case that was slowing the hammer down. No difference.

Mainspring still felt plenty strong, but I replaced the it, using an original because they are much stronger than the modern ones. Note that it was an original previously as well. It's doing it less frequently, but still enough to be annoying.

Since the mainspring that was on it still feels strong, I'm tempted to put it in my other Sharps, just to see if it also has issues.

The previous owner had the conversion done to the rifle, to incorporate the original lockplate. I've owned the rifle since 2013 and it was just the end of last season that it started giving me issues. This past weekend was the first time in the field with it this year, due to lack of events. I use it for blanks and live fire, but I've not had it to the range since this started.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Oct 4, 2003
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All of the Civil War cartridge guns that use a separate percussion cap to ignite the powder charge are OK to discuss on the MLF. In other words, if the cartridge does not have a cap or primer built into it, the gun can be talked about.

The CW guns that use self contained rim-fire, center-fire and pin-fire cartridges like the Spencer, Gallager, Palmer, Volcanic, and Henry along with the S&W .22 are NOT acceptable for discussion.