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Just thought I would introduce myself

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Old Sparky

40 Cal
Mar 5, 2023
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Hi my name is Rob I am 52. I have been muzzleloading since I was a young teenager. Now that I have moved out into the country this has sparked new interest in my old Hobby since I can shoot in my yard. Most of my Google searches have wound up on this forum so I figured I would join LOL I have several cap and ball revolvers a flintlock rifle that I hunt with a 50 caliber Kentucky pistol and several old wall hangers that I might fix up one of which is a 32 Caliber squirrel rifle with a busted mainspring and the other one is some type of musket looks to be about 60 caliber or so I think it's a Smooth Bore but I'm not sure the barrel is filled with cosmoline. My main goal is to actually get a deer with my Flintlock which has not happened as of yet LOL I do have a modern muzzleloader which I take a lot of deer with but it feels like cheating. I would really like to get rid of the inline and build myself a Kentucky kit. I wish it could be percussion but the rules of Pennsylvania insist that you use Flintlock in the late season. And my deer Hunter Flintlock has been a disappointment. I also make my own percussion caps which I use on the single shot Kentucky pistol. I'm afraid to use them on my revolvers because of chain fire issues I have seen on the internet.
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