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Is there a lube for shooting conicals?

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Bill M.

32 Cal.
Jun 26, 2009
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Have a TC Hawken .50. 1-48 twist. I have some Buffalo Bullet conicals that came with it. Pretty old. What do you lube these bullets with? Or any lead bullets? Or do you load them dry? I see bullets on the Track of the Wolf site with "lube grooves".
Definitely need to be lubed. Are the bullets you have lubed and dried out? If they have old dried lube they should be cleaned and relubed. Soak them for a day or so in mineral spirits to clean them.

There are many lubes available and many formulas to make them. The very simplest would be crisco or lard. But they are not a good choice in how weather where they go liquid. You can mix some beeswax in to stiffen either of those.

You clearly could benefit from some mentoring. Check for ml clubs or activities nearby and show up. You will find yourself welcomed.
I use a mixture of lanolin, olive oil and beeswax for everything that I can get it to work for.

I’ve been using the Idaho Lewis blend. SPG or NASA (Bullshop) lube one pound block, 2oz. Stihl HP Synthetic oil, and then your choice of vegetable oil to make it the consistency you want. Lewis used peanut oil, I’ve used olive oil and jojoba oil, couldn’t tell any difference between them. I make mine fairly soft, if you’re in a warmer climate you might prefer a stiffer consistency. This stuff keeps the fouling soft, even with.Swiss powder which can be kind of crunchy, and prevents leading.
If you use beeswax and lamb tallow it won't get rancid.
I’ve used Gatofeo’s lube on my pistol bullets and REALs, though I can’t get the rifle to behave yet. Maybe the lube isn’t all that great for that application. It’s an old formula for outside lubed pistol bullets, but I recall Gatofeo claiming it good for patches too, not sure about rifle bullets.
Yes, you will need to lube them. Ask 10 different folks, get 23 different answers. There are a few constants though. First use ONLY natural, animal based products as ingredients. The ONLY exception I've found to this is pure Mobil1 synthetic oil. Second, don't be afraid to test and experiment. Third, fouling will change as conditions change and you may find you need to adjust the mix based on season/environment.
Ideal lube recipe will vary dependent on local temps, etc. What works for me in mid summer in Florida won't work for someone in Minnesota in December or January.

Crisco or some other natural oil as a base, beeswax to harden, and lanolin to make sticky. Use a double boiler to melt (get cheap disposable aluminum meatloaf tins at the dollar store so you don't make the wife mad), mix and mix while cooling otherwise the beeswax and oil will separate.
I bought SPG for my BPCR and the end of the barrel fouled so bad a damp patch wou;d not go through. I put it on my table at a shoot hoping to sell it, no takers so I put a free sign on it. I wound up bringing it home.

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