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Ignorant Mike is here

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Nov 28, 2022
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I am totally new to black powder, so I am starting as Ignorant Mike, instead of my normal Manic mike. I've own and love all the guns from .50 BMG on down, but think Black Powder is where I belong. To be honest, the smoke, flame and bang are what I find fun. I thought I would start my journey building a pair of K4 Blunderbusses; boy do I need help. The nomenclature alone is daunting; not only do I not know what to buy, I don't know where to buy it. Plus, instructions don't make sense if you don't know hat the words mean> I'm a Know It All and a legend in my own mind; don't tell my friend there is something I am not an expert on! Please inundate me with helpful information. I guess I'm off to the Flint lock forum...
Ignorant Mike
Buy this book:

The Muzzle Loading Cap Lock Rifle by Ned Roberts

Read it and study it, this will increase your learning curve before spending a lot of money.
I'll get the book and read it; plus a rifle and pistol too. But remember, if one 4 gauge Blunderbuss is good, two is great! I used the same logic to justify building two modern guns
Manic Mike
Flinters, Mikey will like it!
One important point, when dealing with flintlocks throw away all the knowledge you have on modern firearms. Aint gonna help you one bit.