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I made a rifle

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Your craftsmanship is second only to your photography. I don't know how "correct" it is and neither do I care, it's a fine job, almost too fine as it doesn't even look hand made. Please do go shoot it and get some real "patina" on it!
i agree be proud of a work of art. don't let anyone tell/convince you otherwise. as for not being any one school/style correct I call BS ! there nothing that we can invision now being made or produced with the methods of the time that is wrong, if they say the trigger gard is wrong who is to say it couldn't have been thought of and designed as a special order to a willing gunsmith of the period?
You sir did one outstanding job of inletting the furniture and I really like the way you upset your dove tail for the sights. I have seen a lot of ML and I mean a lot and when I saw your creation it’s like looking at five different rifles at once. Bravo and I mean that….
Hi All,

I built a rifle. It is done, with the exception of the engraving. It will take me a long time to learn that and I'll get it added eventually, so I'm calling this rifle ready to start getting beat up.

It started as a Jim Beckwourth rifle, and then became something inspired by the William Clark rifle made by Philip Creamer and the famous Hawken rifles. It is supposed to be an 1825 rifle, maybe made by a new gunsmith in southern Illinois that was impressed by Creamer and Jake Hawken.

This rifle is supposed to be as new or slightly used. Bright steel but with a bit of Birchwood Casey's brass black rubbed mostly back. I left the rear sight much darker to dull the shine in full sun, even though it is obviously darker than the barrel. 36" colerain 58 cal., 7/16" rod. Chambers late ketland lock with the rear tit removed from the plate. Stock blank provided by Allen Martin. Davis triggers. Hawken butt plate and highly modified Ohio guard. The Ohio guard sort of throws this out of the time period, but I was hoping it would be modified far enough away from being "Ohio" that it would just be a good looking guard. Plain pipes that I modified. I made the keys, escutcheons, inlay, toeplate. Made the patchbox side plates from sheet and the finial/door was a kit hinge. Patch box is copied from the Creamer/Clark rifle. Finish is gilsonite in turp, then LMF Lancaster maple, permalyn sealer as sealer and finish.

Feel free to critique as much as you see fit for things that could be improved, based on what I've stated. There's a few obvious goofs I'm aware of that I didn't have the skills to fix properly... Off side lock panels lock bolt hole #1, mis-drilled tang bolt.

Thank you Herb Troester and the late Louie Parker.
Looks great to me!
If I was having a rifle built, i would look at yours and say.....Just like that one! Outstanding job in every way!!

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