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Hunting stipulations?

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Jul 15, 2019
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Tyrone , Pa. 16686
Make sure your gun is reliable ,so you don't wound and waste game. Learn how to hunt , what your after. Don't take shots at the wrong end of a deer. If hunting near people , don't shoot w/o knowing where your projectile will fall.

Johnny Tremain

Silversmith in training
Apr 11, 2005
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Pacific NorthWet
I don't hunt in the rain. 😁
Then you must not hunt much in the Pacific NorthWet
Balloon over the muzzle, Pan coated with crayon, and wait for daylight.
Never seem much use to sit around up in a tree. I stalk.

You see more nature, and sometimes stuff you dont want to see.

Had a momma racoon and her babies, should made me go upstream 20 yards to cross.
Scared a brownie once, it was mutual.
Nov 23, 2010
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On the Mississippi in SE Minnesota
If you are already a successful bowhunter, you're all set.

I exclusively bow hunted for 30 years before getting into traditional muzzleloading. I follow all the same rules to practice, only shoot within my effective range, etc. Only difference for me is I have and will take frontal and quartering-in shots with a muzzleloader. I did not do that with bow unless extremely close and on the ground.