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Hunting MI

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Nov 21, 2021
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I was in small town long enough to learn like they know. I'd like to retire like that someday right there.

They know who you are who everyone is and all. I was there just long enough to see it.

I've watched the wave of hunters show up.

I can't comment or joke to much..

I had a good time. I'm trying to get back out there hunting again.

I think I'm going after the army. But I might go early to see everyone around town before the crowd.

I had private land hunting then to.. I hunted both private and public.

It's a place they know me. I had never been there, I was hunting far from home.

I bought the walmart map book and all.

I didn't know where to post this.. who else does that.. just go on the adventure.


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I did..

run into one of those birds hunters.

He was from a City too. I'll say because you know where.

Everyone had come and gone. It was muzzloader deer season.

I saw him with the dog and you know I wanted to say hi... so I headed that way.

You know out of everyone he was right away sorry sorry sorry he thought he was alone.

I was like.. it's ok. You know.

He was new to hunting birds and dog and all you could tell. Walking out he put one up. He thought he missed was scared the dog run off he was yelling.. I said you got it the dogs on it OK.. he was excited about the bird.

You know.. I didn't mind him. He was good.

So I can't say who where what because it does depend who.

I had fun you know.

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