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Greg Y
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    • Greg Y
      Greg Y replied to the thread Advice on Swiss powder.
      I recently bought another 10# of swiss as it simply does the best for me in everything I have tried it in. It burns clean and produces...
    • Greg Y
      Greg Y reacted to TDM's post in the thread Advice on Swiss powder with Like Like.
      Sure thing. It’s more powerful than Goex or Shuetzen and it’s shoots cleaner. An average rifle load, grain for grain, the Swiss will...
    • Greg Y
      The hardest part will be getting the bullet to slug up in the bore if it's too hard.
    • Greg Y
      I've sent a 495gr no excuses soft lead lengthwise through a mule deer at 175yds. I've done the same with a .452 hardcast from 45lc.
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