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Sep 17, 2020
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Wondering if you've found a new place yet. This is a rather old thread but I saw it andthought I'd throw out some info. I have 4 - 20 ac parcels for sale one with a 3 bed 2 ba house in the Okanogan Highlands between Okanogan and Twisp. I just can't keep up with the maintenance as my business is here in the Yelm area and I don't get over there as much as I'd like. Good Mulie migration in the winter, borders LOTS of DNR land. Fully gated at each end of acess road. Very privage but only 13 miles to Okanogan. About 20 to Twisp. Loup Loup ski bowl 7 miles away for fun family skiikng that's affordable. They groom many miles of cross country trails also. A very unique property. Parcels range from $100k to $180k. All but one have wells and power close. House at $495.
Have a map or Redfin add? Hows the fire danger near your house and parcels?

What buisness you own in yelm? Your drive back and forth between yelm and lacey ever? I'm the house with all the "chicks for sale" posters on my fence on the roundabout on yelm/merdian road.