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SOLD Happy New Year. New TF-O patch/neck knife

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Two Feathers

62 Cal.
MLF Sponsor
Apr 14, 2008
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Berwick, Pa. Columbia county
Howdy folks, Two Feathers here: This is one of my original design patch knives. It’s small, but it’s still the same great patch knife that it’s been for many years! It also works very well as a field dressing, skinning and caping knife and is at home doing a lot of other chores around the camp site or cutting patches on the firing line.

This knife is $125.00 +$20.00 (which is still a great deal) shipped and insured to ANY of the 50 actual United States.

This isn’t JUST a patch knife! This is that one knife that will do it all, and hold up for generations to come.

The knife measures 6.3/8”overall length; with a razor sharp 3.25” long blade that is hard enough to not need sharpening for a long time. The blade measures 1.25” wide at the widest point. The blade is made of 3/32” thick 1095 high carbon steel. It features a full tang handle with beautifully figured Curly Maple slabs, held on by (2) 1/8” iron pins. The handle has been sealed with BLO, waxed, and buffed.

The hand crafted 5 oz. vegetable tanned leather sheath is Saddle Tan in color and it’s laced with REAL Leather Lace. This knife can be carried is designed to be carried as a neck knife. It could be attached to your shooting bag strap as well. The sheath is not signed, but I WILL sign it before I ship it.

Even though this knife is fairly small, it will perform huge tasks. This is a knife you can pass on from generation to generation. The reputation for the quality of my knives is supported by the critical feedback from real hunters and shooters who use them regularly. My designs are all based on what I used as a BP shooter and hunter. You won’t find better quality hand crafted knives, than those from the shop of Two Feathers, ask the owners/users.

I will take PayPal friends, but I prefer postal or bank money orders, and checks. I sell and ship to Canada, however all my prices are in USD$. I only ship on Tuesdays and Fridays due to the currently inflated cost of driving. The exceptions are PO hours, Federal Holidays, Sundays, and extreme weather. If interested, please PM me here.

As always, thanks for looking.

God bless:

Two Feathers


  • New TF-O neckpatch knife 001.JPG
    New TF-O neckpatch knife 001.JPG
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  • New TF-O neckpatch knife 002.JPG
    New TF-O neckpatch knife 002.JPG
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    New TF-O neckpatch knife 003.JPG
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    New TF-O neckpatch knife 004.JPG
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  • 2 New ones 004.JPG
    2 New ones 004.JPG
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