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Grease hole

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45 Cal.
Jul 10, 2023
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East Tennessee
Does anyone here have a rifle with a grease hole in the stock?

If so, do you have any type of grease/lube/wax/ homemade concoction in it?

Pictures would be nice.

What are the chances that a "grease" hole was actually a mortar using a bullet as pestel to grind powder finer for priming? It seems more logical than having grease exposed to the elements that could pick up dirt ect. Over time as it becomes less used the wax/oil ect from maintenance fills in the hole.
No need to shoot the messenger im just asking.
I have some cartridge guns that have "grease holes" (for oil, really, not grease) but sorry, can't post that sort here. Never seen such a thing on a muzzleloader.
I know a guy that has a CVA mountain rifle with a grease hole. I'll ask him about it next time I see him. See if he'd mind if I snapped a picture.
I have some cartridge guns that have "grease holes" (for oil, really, not grease) but sorry, can't post that sort here. Never seen such a thing on a muzzleloader.
I’ve seen one filled with a hard lube like mink oil or tallow. The owner stated he just rubbed his patch over it
I too have wondered about in use them picking up crud
I have never known of anyone actually using one and have seen only one YouTube video of a fellow using one. But, apparently it was a thing at one time, especially on southern rifles. Just wondered if anybody here used one.
That second rifle from the bottom in @Banjoman post has had some serious use. Look how the finish is worn around the grease hole and how it’s been worn to an oblong shape from the patches being swiped across. I bet that old girl has some stories to tell!
I have a Gillespie style rifle with a grease hole. I put bear grease in it and was told back in the day they used tallow bear fat and other type grease.
Mine has a lengthend grease hole .... more like a grease slot where you can wipe the patch across the grease in the slot. My rifle is a close copy of the historic William Bean rifle. Hershel House made a super copy of this poorboy rifle, grease slot, antler piece at the top of the heel, all iron hardware. Mine is a .40 caliber.
Ohio Rusty ><>