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Aug 16, 2020
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Here’s my Kibler SMR. 2 sessions of wet then sand followed by one coat of Jim’s Iron Nitrate then heat gun. OOOO steel wool to apply the first coat of Tung Oil. A few more coats of Tung Oil still to go. I love how it turned out!
Feb 3, 2022
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If you saw my post below, you will know that I cancelled my TVM Poorboy and bought a Kibler Colonial rifle in .54 caliber. I bought the gun "in the white,' in order to save the $200 (at $1750, the rifle is already $250 over my budget). I talked to both Katherine and Jim this morning, and the rifle will probably be in my hands and ready for finishing by Christmas. (The TVM was seven months out!)

Now, I plan to brown the barrel and metal parts with cold browning solution and then finish the stock. I've refinished several stocks in my day by layering on a mixture of stain and tung oil. I, of course, realize that this is a "modern" way of finishing a stock, but the wood I bought with the rifle is the standard maple stock, with only a small amount of curling. I therefore plan on using a pretty dark stain.

My question is, will this look alright? Which stain color should I use? I'm not ruling out the iron nitrate method that Kibler likes so much, but there are things about that I find unappealing, not the least of which is the look. Besides, if I get it sanded right, the tung oil and stain is pretty much idiot proof.

What do y'all think? Will it be too shiny?
Omg🤭, what a"loaded"question.
So subjective, personally i would go with the permalyn because .1 it offers better protection has 2 uv protection 3 it has the right sheen and doesnt build. And 4 i dont think these look good Shiny😃 but its all very subjective! The only important question is what do you like.(
Been a painter since well before latex!) Tryed and true also good or formbys all the above i cut in half wit turp! And use that red scotch brite to apply and wipe clean with paper towelz

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