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Excessive Caliber Syndrome (ECS)

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Jan 1, 2022
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Wondering how many others have a bad - or worse - case of ECS.


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I should add that out of the small range I have, I only cast for the .54 and .62 calibers. I have a typical block mold for the .54 but the bag mold from Callahan sees more use. I'm thinking about ordering a .550 mold from him for my .56 smoothbores.

Larry Callahan .595 Bag Mold and Multi-Tool 016.JPG

Casting .54 over a camp fire.
Casting Ball Over Fire and BP Pistol Hare 034.JPG

Casting Ball Over Fire and BP Pistol Hare 023.JPG

I used one of these balls to take a snowshoe hare with my Plains Pistol shortly after casting it.
Casting Ball Over Fire and BP Pistol Hare 029.JPG
.32, .36, .38, .40, .45, .50, .54, .58 and .648, multiple ball sizes and molds for each to boot, except the .648. Now you must keep in mind each caliber and associated ball diameter has a very special purpose. What each one's special purposes is I haven't quite figured out yet. However, it's only been 45 years or so and I'm still working on it. I might be on the verge of figuring it out, then maybe not. Whatever, I'll keep trying.
.310, .350, .440, .445, .490, .495. I swear I'm goin to stop there!
that is a good place to stop, i am trying to get into a .495 but wont buy it till i can cast the bullets. it dont make sense till i can cast the bullets, cause i wont be limited by what i can purchase when the lights go out. and it makes a more penetrative hole than a .50 or .510. and if i went to the 58 its hell finding a mold that is actually 58 and not .575 or 578 and those molds just dont work to make a bullet for today's use.

so is the cure for the affliction just to suck it up and get the right caliber, full caliber, or a expensive barrel to put onto your gun. because if someone told me where to go buy a barrel .510 to put on the gun i want , well i would do it, but no one has the info or the info does not exist for people unless they make half a mil or more. just sayin.
, course i have not read all these posts and i think the joke is interesting to listen to , so by all means converse, it is entertaining.
yes and each bullet weight for each caliber has a separate use as well. depending on what you need , penetration, heavy hit of power, certain weight to keep wind from altering trajection,what exactly you want that bullet to do or pass into or through. heck ive even done alchemy inside lead to great andinteresting sound and light effects and even one type that can cook a squirrel bafter you shoot and before you get to the shot carcass. .
dont tell me this is the mesterious affliction. its just that every bullet has a use, the use for each may or may not be the same. so no matter how many you got , you kinda always will need another, or more, or a different caliber. and if you dont search that proper one out, well you are one of those unsatisfied , morally dejected , and probably in a country club drinking a flute of crystal. and its above your concern. but we with that need will search and find and keep all calibers , cause our intelligence sees the need. not an affliction at all.

but my bullet drawer is kinda full, gotta get someone over here to shoot some of that, so i have more lead to make into different bullets than they are at the moment. smiles, slides to the left and pulls trig...