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Drying your tent?

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Aug 6, 2020
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Land of Shining Mountains
How do you guys dry your canvas tents before storing them? Specifically if you camp in winter or spring with snow or wet conditions? I’m thinking of camping next week and tent will be in the snow while I set up and take down. Thanks!
Been there,, wet canvas, is different than, cold canvas with snow on it
In-side drying. Ya gotta hang it. Even while I was in an apt, I rented a garage.
Knowing the value of my canvas and needed care, I hung hooks from the rafters so I could suspend the wet canvas.
It didn't need to be in that exact position of the tent, just held open long enough to dry before packed.
My 08 purchase RK 9x12 wall and my awning, are still good.(skirt is a little dirty)
Anyways, that's how I do it, hang it,, let it dry, cold don't matter,, just dry.

Similar to what necchi said. If I can't set it up to dry, I have hooks in the basement rafters that correspond to the ridge holes. Used bungies to various things to hold it open. I also have a dehumidifier that was under it, and I set up a stand fan across the basement just to keep air moving.

Especially if you're doing it yourself, keep in mind that wet canvas is heavy canvas. Which becomes very awkward to move - at least for the initial hanging part. Spreading it out isn't so bad.

Good luck!
While Civil War reenacting I have had to dry up to 10 tents after rainy weather. I have a deck and hang all the tents open over the railing. I can tell you it can be a lot of work. Let them dry for at least a day in the sun.
I hang my canvas tent in the garage for several days, I set up a couple of fans to circulate air.
You can definitely hang it in a shed, if the sun is out you could move it outside. I have a wall tent that I'm particular about. If it is damp outside when I get home, I suspend it in my shed. I wait for a dry sunny day (if late spring through early fall) and then lay it out on the blacktop of the driveway to heat it up. Then I roll it up and put it away.
Canvas can be stored hanging in the dry as well.
I always wait for the canvas too dry as much as possible before taking my tent down, then I always hang it when I return home.

My shop has roll up garage doors and I hang mine from those railings..
Put a fan under it overnight & the next day fold and put away..
I left mine outside sometime erected, sometimes just laying on ground. It stayed there until enough dry weather dried it. I would often turn over so sun could get to it all. Must have worked. I kept the same lodge for over 20 years with no mold.