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Aug 19, 2014
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Ridley Park, PA
I might have to replace this WR barrel . . . .
I’d junk the sight, I think you could clean up the muzzle detail with a round chainsaw file.
My thought what was the point in the 1st place. If it shoots good just rat tail file or chains saw file . I would remove the front sight and belt sand the notches off. That would save filing down a new front sight. What does the rear sight look like
That's a common catalog front sight. Can be replaced. Another guy said grind the wings from the sight base. The barrel decoration , might just live with it , though I've never seen a decoration like it.
Rework the sight- just file away some of the protruding base which is commonly done anyway.
The barrel could be salvaged I think with some soldering or welded filling in those deep grooves and reworked back flush. ( I’m not a metal worker but recall others who have filled in metal in various ways.)
This appears to be an example of an application of decorative file work that didn't turn out as much of a work of "art". The simple approach is to ignore that less than pleasing file work until the accuracy of the barrel is determined. If the accuracy is acceptable, there are a few choices. First is to ignore the file work and treat the file work as part of the history of the rifle. Second is to shorten the barrel by an inch or so at the muzzle and by filing out the notches or replace the front sight with one without notches. Replacing the barrel is far too drastic and unnecessary.
The things people do... It also looks like they didn't draw file the mill marks off the barrel before that botched finish was applied. At least some of that notching can be mitigated to an extent when refinishing. There is plenty of meat on that front sight. Set it and remove the offending appendages while correcting the other stuff.
I'd shorten the barrel to eliminate the foolishness. Fix the sight for sure. Once I have a rifle sighted in I dress the front sight down to the diagonal flats with a milling machine. At least the sight was not staked with a center punch. What other "decorations" were done that poor rifle?
If it shoots well, live with it. If you have just got to file something, file the wings off the base of the sight. Otherwise, you’ll always be able to spot your rifle in a rack full of other rifles. Nothing wrong with that.
Thank you for all the useful and meaningful comments. Seems Mulebrain got to the most important thing right off.
This rifle does shoot well. And I'm still testing it. So far it has been nicely consistent.
The front sight is factory original and has not been touched yet. Once I get the load and patch, then I'll remove it and take off the wings.
In time I may take Indy's advice and re-do the barrel brown.
What’s exactly wrong with the gun? That someone decorative notches in the barrel and sight? If it shoots good, ego cares? Why be lie all the other boys and girls? If it’s offensive, why did you buy the gun? Looks kind of cool. Ignore the snarky ones… there’s a lot of snark and bloviation on this forum.

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