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Disappointing fall

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Steel Hayes

Collector of cheap antiquities
MLF Supporter
Feb 7, 2021
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Back in August, I purchased my Michigan fall Turkey tag (as I’ve done for the past 5 years) and couldn’t wait for the weather to do the autumn turn.
Every weekend since since the end of September I’ve been out in the woods before the sun peeks up, trekking around looking for different signs and then just sitting in cover waiting.
Come tomorrow(the last day of the season) and I haven’t seen a single Turkey.
A disappointing season for sure, so I’ll have to settle for a store bought frozen Turkey this year.
Hope everyone’s had better luck than I’ve had.
Nov 4, 2020
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I Know the feeling... This was the last weekend of muzzleloader season here in TN... And from bow season till now I have seen 1 deer it was about 120 yards away and I could just catch glimpses of it walking through the woods.... It is definitely discouraging and next week rifle sees it comes in so it's just going to get harder.... But we'll stay after and see what happens