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Columbia SC area

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According to the NMLRA Charter Club Directory, there are three clubs and contact info in SC:

Charlestown Long Rifles
Tom Smith
140 Tall Pines Road, Ladson, SC 29456, 843-834-2731, [email protected]

Carolina PO Boys Muzzle Loaders,
Joan Smith,
6513 Bluff Rd, Allendale, SC 29810, 803-584-7225

Piedmont Muzzle Loaders,
Marshal Kline,
310 Quail Run Circle, Fountain Inn, SC 29644, 864-569-4471, [email protected]

The problem with ALL NMLRA clubs is we're getting old (and older). I suspect the average age of NMLRA members is 65. I'm approaching 73, and been a member since '62.

A number of SC black powder target shooters attend the NC/NMLRA Territorial Matches every year south of Fayetteville NC in April. Shooters also come from FL, GA, VA, WV, and last year from Iowa for the BPCR match.

We get a handful of SC competitors every year to attend the NC State Muzzle Loading Championship Matches held on the last full weekend in September every year.

Georgetown SC is the home of Bob Hill, who builds exquisite & beautiful longrifles.
He sets up every year at the NC State Fair in October at the "Village of Yesteryear".

SC has much to be proud of in traditional muzzleloading.

Enjoy it while you can.

Buck Buchanan
Field Rep - NC
I'm just east of Columbia. So I just bought my first muzzleloader at a pawn shop, 70s era CVA sidelock .50, back in October. So far, I have killed two decent deer with it. Now I am looking to get a .40 cal muzzleloader for hunting public land. How did I never know it was this fun?
Good to hear from you neighbor Jhightow. I've been plinking and dabbling in muzzleloaders for years but never had many friends to shoot with. Lets see who checks in here and maybe we get some Columbia/Sumter SC folks together for lunch and set a group up!
Hi, I'm in Lexington near Red Bank. I've deer hunted in Barnwell County, Lexington County near Chapin, and a couple of US Forestry hunts Near Santee, (Cudo and Pine Island). Always wondered why there wasn't a bigger bunch of folks around here that shoot traditional muzzleloaders.
Hi guys... it’s nice to see there are others in the area. I live in North Charleston but currently I’m taking care of my 87 year old mother in Murrells inlet just south of Myrtle beach.
Ask any question, even if your not sure it the correct one. Many people on this board are pros of many years working with black powder & muzzle loaders.