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The annual Rocky Mountain Rendezvous will be held in July 2023 at a private ranch east of Montrose. It lasts for a week with multiple events and a good group of traders present. It is held at a different sight most years. 2024 is scheduled for Pagosa Springs. In the past few years it has been held at the 1838 Rendezvous site in Riverton Wyoming, and on a ranch outside of Creede. It is open to the public the first weekend during setup. Requires period dress to enter during the week. There are two camps adjacent to each other. Both require period camps. The "full term" camp requires setup and residence the entire week. The short term camp allows setup and takedown during limited hours during the week for those that can't or don't want to stay the entire time. There is also an area for modern camps apart from the primitive camps a short walk away. Period dress is required regardless of where you camp.