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Chambers smooth rifle build

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Apr 2, 2022
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So the truck showed up last evening with my smoth rifle. Checked it all out, looked good.

Unbreeched the barrel today and got her set, I think.


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Been waffling over one of those kits for a long while. Watching intently. By the way, what cal / gauge did you order? Also, is there a barrel makers mark? I've wondered if they are a Rice barrel, or some other maker.
So I have been plugging away at it.
So far
Barrel inlet
Butt plate inlet
Lock's in and got the sideplate set last night.

There sure are alot of wood chips on the floor.

So some lessons I have learned.

If you have not inlet before, or not for years, practice on something else. Mine could be tighter and there are a few spots where I messed up a bit.
Have small chisles at hand, the most used so far are a ³/16 flat and a ⅛" gouge, and a small fistail, take small bites! Every bad spot was when I tried to anticipate where the wood would need to come off and$^%#^^ there is a screew up.

I think I am at the lock bolt stage.


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Another thought.

The next one is going to be a plank build.I think I want more control of everything!
The pointy bits of the lock and side plate are smaller than the precut inlet


  • 20231203_050010.jpg
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Another lesson.

I started the barrel inlet with just soot from an oil lamp. Spent many hrs chasing these small marks back. Soot, mark, cut,soot mark cut.
I finally concluded that something was wrong, the back sure looked flat, sure enough I was only getting partial transfer. Soot it up good then mixed in some grease with a small brush and spread it out, DUH! 2 more times in and I was back and down.I probably moved back a sixteenth inch I didn't have to, due to the lack of xfer.
I am so bad at posting updates.

I have been moving forward and it is going pretty well.

Side plat is in, twice, haha. It was inlet just right, then in looking at the relationship between the sides, I saw that the sideplate panel was much thicker than the lockplate side.
Off it came, rasp, re-inlet.

Butt plate is in place also.
Drill riged for lock and tang bolts.


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I have the barrel pins drilled and the lugs slotted.
Well I have 3 of the 4 done and 2 cane out crooked, and the 4th is at the squared off part of the stock, and it seems it would be easier to do it later.
I am going to put inlays at the pins so I can straighten them out.


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