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A couple of forged flint strikers

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Nov 26, 2017
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Northwest Arkansas
Got out to the forge for a little while today. I had some scrap 5160 and a piece of an old file so I decided to make some strikers. Suckers throw sparks big enough to hear them sizzling! Thanks for looking


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Suckers throw sparks big enough to hear them sizzling!
Yeah, that's great when you can find one like that.
I got one from a feller here in MN,, he got the temper perfect.
You can strike at your waist, and the sparks "crackle" on the way down, then dance on the floor a bit before they go out!
I purchased a striker steel a few months back and it was just a 5/64" round rod bent at both ends. It was too small to get a hold on it and it was a very poor performer in other words useless. They charged me $8.50 for this piece of junk. I should have made my own but was lazy.

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