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    Bladesmith wanted

    I'm looking for someone that can make me 2 tomahawk. PM me & I'll give you the details of what I want.
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    I received my stock on March 20th. Outside of the lack of communication when emailed, I don't have any complaints. I haven't tried to fit any parts yet.
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    Cutting a crescent?

    I'm going to restock my T/C Hawken with a maple pre-inlet stock. I'm going to need to cut in for the buttplate. What is the best process to do this? Thanks!
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    I ordered a stock on January 25th & am still waiting to receive it. They said 20 to 25 business days. I sent an email Friday night to see where they are in the process. I hope to hear from them Monday.
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    Favorite squirrel rifle

    What's your favorite squirrel rifle caliber? I've seen guys post they love their 32s & others want 36s
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    T/C Hawken Stock

    Ok. I've got a stock ordered. Is there an alternative to aqua fortis to drawing the figure out of a maple stock?
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    T/C Hawken Stock

    Hello! I'm wanting to restock my Hawken with a curly maple stock. I don't have a lot of experience but I feel I have enough to do this project. Track doesn't have their fancy maple stock in stock. Is there another place that offers an inletted & pre-carved stock like Track offers? Thanks!
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    CLOSED Relisted Hawken barrel.

    Any idea what the twist is?
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    New sight needed?

    I have yet to get to the range. It was raining here last time I had an opportunity. Soon though! I think by stretching the spring I gave it enough tension to hold. I was thinking of using the dremel to deepen the lines on the back of the screw head so that it would catch & hold a little better...
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    New sight needed?

    Well, I've stretched the original spring under the sight. It clicks better now. I do carry it in a soft case so that could have been the issue. I'm headed to see what I can do with it tomorrow. Is there possibly a way to make the grooves deeper on the screw with common tools? I do have a dremel...
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    Flint Striker

    I apologize if this is in the wrong place, admin please move if you disapprove. I'm going to have a new flint striker made by a friend of mine & I'd like something kind of fancy. Could you guys post some pictures of some fancier ones you've made or seen? Thanks!
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    Rollin' My Own.......

    I'm dumb to this. How does your powder get ignited? Do you open the end before you put it in or will the cap send enough fire to burn through?
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    New sight needed?

    Thanks guys! I'll be heading to the range asap to get this figured out. December 27th is when I leave for my hunt.
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    New sight needed?

    I've been shooting my T/C Hawken with the 54 cal Green Mountain drop in barrel getting ready for a hunt in Northern Missouri in December. I had it dialed in at 100 yds, cleaned it, brought it out this morning for the regular firearms opener & missed 2 does within the 100 yard mark. Brought it in...
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    Pietta 1858 New Army

    This is how it reads: