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    Cap and ball revolver firing bird shot

    i have one with a conversion cylinder 45 snake shot.
  2. Rick Son

    Cabelas Hawken style rifles

    and that one show it's a 45..But you probably already knew that.
  3. Rick Son

    SOLD Another WE-1 Roach Belly hunting and skining knife

    Windows XP was always the best for me.Wish i would have seen that knife earlier! NICE!!!!!
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    Buff steak medium rare,roast stands on it's own don't add beer or anything tators,carrots,salt pepper let it roast.You will be so full of protein you'll go lookin fer a fight!
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    Mountain Man rifles

    Nice party,we go home no whiskey!!
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    WANTED Anybody have a Rogers and Spencer for sale or trade?

    Used to have one but had to sell,would like to get another one if I can afford it,don't even know what one ie worth these days,i have an Iver Johnson break top 38 dang near mint with a storage box I made for it,it is very clean all the nickel is there,ammo can still be found.I don't know if it...
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    SOLD Zoli navy arms 58 cal buffalo hunter

    Very honest rifle! Good get!
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    Some Stone Knives

  9. Rick Son

    Some Stone Knives

    I like that big bottom one,go great with my collection.
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    If you would like to see some very nice builds check out
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    WANTED CVA ram rod

    Ram Rod for CVA 45 rifle also nipple,if anyone can lead me to where I can get them,thank you in advance.Good shooting and Merry Christmas to all.I tried this before and bought one hand made but it was to small around,just fell right out.Thanks your welcome to message my FB...