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    Finally...the Traditions rebuild

    The barrel had 'Pennsylvania' stamped on it. The patch box is a bit ostentatious but Traditions had wood through the brass so I left it. But still needs a bit o' engraving...not sure about that
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    Dark stain options

    Mike Brines has it right. I used a dark brown leather stain from Fiebigs, then let dry. Just find a stain you like though. I then used a mix of two shot glasses of good boiled linseed oil with one shot glass of good turpentine and one teaspoon of white vinegar. Use glass bottle and shake often...
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    Finally...the Traditions rebuild

    It started out as a 'Pennsylvania' rifle. Was a work in progress but the pictures do it no justice. I am not bragging but the comparison is more amazing as Mr. Schippers guidance was immeasurable. :bow: :bow: :bow: The dark stain and many coats of hand rubbing. I am astounded at the...
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    Best spot to hit on a frizzen

    What happens if you are in Australia????
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    Finally...the Traditions rebuild

    Thank you Sir. I humbly appreciate the compliment. Mr. Schippers is the one I credit taking a newbie under his wing. What a joy it is to watch him work.
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    Finally...the Traditions rebuild

    Here it is. Hope the link works. Thanks all for advice given and well appreciated!! :hatsoff: :thumbsup: :hatsoff:
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    Hello From Anderson, Indiana

    If you ever need any advice or shooting, Trench or I will be glad to help out. Welcome!!
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    Greetings from Indiana Territory

    Which area in the Great State of Indiana are you? Welcome to the Dark side of Life!!!
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    Conner Longrifles Living History & Gun show Feb 21-22

    Just take your time folks. A bit o' snow 4" or so. But is now tapering off so should be cleared out as the road crews in Indianapolis are pretty good. Be safe and prayers sent for ALL a safe trip. Look forward to seeing you all there.
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    Conner Longrifles Living History & Gun show Feb 21-22

    Noblesville Indiana @Hamilton County Fairgrounds FEB 21 thru 22 starts at 9am Look forward to seeing you there again.
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    Swell belly pot.....painted???

    I picked up a swell belly cooking pot at a garage sale for $5. I was pretty excited until I got home and realized it had been painted inside. It is peeling a bit but how do I safely clean it without killing me?? BTW, I do not have access to a sandblaster. Thoughts, ideas, cautions etc?? Thank...
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    Swamped vs Straight barrels

    Thank you all who have responded. All the comments were very helpful. I am looking at a pre 1812 rifle that a militia man would have had. Also for hunting and shooting. Now armed with more info and getting older a swamped holds a lot of appeal. Now, the picking out of what I want. Wahoo....
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    Swamped vs Straight barrels

    I have researched in the archives but was unsuccessful or not found it. I have heard from a couple builders that using a swamped barrel will not be as accurate due to bullet harmonics when fired through the barrel because of the shape and the material removed from the barrel. True or not...
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    Two Years with Fearnaught

    Hope you can shoot this next month!!! Want to see the rifle again. And you since you got married to your job!! LOL..... See you soon.
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    Conner Longrifles Living History and Gun show Feb 15-16

    Sorry, I did not see your reply. Glad you are enjoying the book. I truly hope the book is a wealth of information to you and your Company. Look forward to seeing you in the future!