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    Squirrel Season 2022

    congrats, hunting squirrel my fav animal to hunt!!!!
  2. K

    Anyone else excited for squirrel season?

    i am soo ready, starts next sat in pa, got the 36 underhammer al dialed in
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    Squirrel Gun Questions

    love hunting squirrels, fav game to hunt. built a 36cal underhammer. super accurate. 30gr 3f with .350 ball .015 patch. way more load then you need. but its what she likes best!
  4. K

    .58 caliber?

    i built a 58 hawken style yrs ago. its my go to hunting rifle. i like the thump it has down range
  5. K

    Who else shoots BIG bore?

    ouch, on shoulder....and wallet
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    Underhammer Buggy Rifle

    your gun looks great!!!!!
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    High Cost of Caps and Powder-Gets Crazier

    yes, gun broker is a joke
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    More Cap Making Observations

    i just bought 1 also, waiting for delivery, see how it goes. thanks for all for info guys.
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    1851 Navy

    well said🍺
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    32lb Naval gun

    wow, that is a beautiful gun!!!!!
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    32lb Naval gun

    darn, other half says i can have 1, just cant afford
  12. K

    Brass ramrod

    YES, and i like them. make them out of 464 naval brass rod. use as range rods with a bore guide, and use them slung under my underhammers
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    A Black beauty

  14. K

    .75 RIFLE???

    i kicked around building a .72 hawken style, even talked to getz about the barrel. then i shot a 610 gr slug outa my 58 hawken, 120gr 2f. i passed on the 72 after that, ouch!
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    Just one well-placed shot

    Curt Gowdy, wow does thjat take me back. my dad and i always watched him, aways wondered what the next cool adventure would be.