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    just a gun

    I did, by accident. Before I knew better, I decided to use a germanic lock on my Southern rifle. Should have used an English style lock, and kept this in mind when I built a TN style rifle. The aforementioned is not historically accurate, but it is plenty accurate at the range so it has more...
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    New favorite cleaning product

    It's found in the house cleaning section. Stuff I got is the general purpose cleaner and is yellow.
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    New favorite cleaning product

    Generally I never stray from the universal solvent (water) when it comes to cleaning my ML's but after my most recent shooting trip I decided to try something new. The product in question is called "Totally Awesome" and is available in a one gallon jug at the dollar store... For the sum of one...
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    5" barrel 1858 thoughts

    I have handled one once. I liked it. Wasn't able to shoot it but I would happily own one.
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    Alcohol in bore maintenance

    I stored my flintlock with a freshly greased patch on a jag and obviously still on the ramrod, left in the breech for over a year. I removed it, Swabbed with a clean patch and fired like normal. No misfires and the gun drove tacks.
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    Please post pictures of your straight grain & curly Maple stocks

    My TVM rifles I built, the TN and the SMR, both of which were ordered with plain maple. The SMR is well endowed in comparison to the absolutely plain TN I would have to say. Also pictured is my unmarked custom smoothbore.
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    Are you under 40?

    A fair bit under 40, and hooked on BP, building and shooting- have been for as long as I can remember. The smokeless stuff has taken a distant back seat.
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    What keeps you interested?

    One of the most prominent things for me is the people. I love the guns, the history, the building, the art, and the shooting, but it is the people that you are around to enjoy it with you is what really makes it. Nowhere else do you find such a damn good community of folks as in the BP...
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    Anyone been casting lately?

    Cast up a good mess of .62s for my trade gun with my lee mould and wheel weights. They turned out well enough for me to shoot about a third of them yesterday.
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    Any more non-hunters out there?

    I have to respectfully disagree, CC. I am a hunter and I have an extraordinary appreciation for life. I never take the harvest of an animal lightly, and killing should not have been enjoyable in the first place. It isn't the part that is supposed to be. The hunt is the thrill, and the enjoyment...
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    G'day from Sugarloaf Creek, Australia

    Welcome! Good lookin gun too.
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    Tennessee Mountain Rifle photos

    Here are some slightly better pictures.
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    Tennessee Mountain Rifle photos

    Here's mine. Older photos, I'll try to get some newer ones soon.
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    .36 Cal Ducks Foot Pistol

    I've got a Twister and I can hit water bottles all day at 15 yards with it. Fun little gun.
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    Best way to fix a chipped stock

    I think regular ole wood glue, clamped tight will fix that chip just fine.