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    How Not To Shoot a flintlock Pistol

    I wasn't defending this guy's actions; merely pointing out that where troops were concerned, there was a practical reason why they primed before they loaded. Jim
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    How Not To Shoot a flintlock Pistol

    Another reason the soldiers primed first was that doing so was necessitated by the paper cartridge. If you loaded the barrel first...well, there went your priming charge as well! :grin: But this guy on the video is priming first when there's NO valid reason to do so. He also loads...
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    Nice experiment, thanks for sharing it with us. :applause: Wish the target photos were clearer, though. Why not dub in some music from Master and Commander? :wink: Jim
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    My cva single shot pistol.

    Great advice, Zonie! Jim
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    Shooting Indian Imports

    The Pakistanis? :rotf: Jim
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    3-gun aggregate MZ pistol comps

    Thanks, Plink. That doesn't sound so bad. :wink: Jim
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    3-gun aggregate MZ pistol comps

    Your Traditions sounds accurate for my tastes, Gman! I've also heard that BP revolvers are especially-nasty to clean: did you find this to be the case? Jim
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    Royal Navy Sea Service Pistol

    If this Canadian company is Loyalist Arms: I bought a Sea Service pistol from them a few years ago. It arrived quickly, and was a beautiful piece. The pistol came in one bexes, the lock in another. I have the mechanical aptitude of a turnip - I literally have a hard time replacing light bulbs -...
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    More Howdah eye-candy

    \ Ah! That explains why the magazine looked odd for a KelTec. Jim
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    More Howdah eye-candy

    Too big for concealed carry, for sure: but packs more intimidation and punch than the little KelTec. :grin: Jim
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    3-gun aggregate MZ pistol comps

    So, how many of you shoot any or all three of the muzzleloading pistol events - smoothbore flintlock or matchlock, rifled percussion, or as-issued revolver - and what are your weapon(s) of choice? :confused: Jim
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    The Buccaneer Project

    Ya need to move to New Orleans, shipmate. Today we had the Baratarians out for cannon practice: temperature in the 70's, bright and sunny. :thumbsup: Capt. William
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    Watches on the Battlefield

    Some day when I get a few bucks together I'd like to get an antique wind-up. Maybe as a retirement gift to myself. For those future days when keeping track of time won't be as important! :haha: Capt. William
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    So how much would we have had to win, to move beyond "sorta" winning it? :confused: Capt. William
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    PLEASE Don't! :shake: :haha: Capt. William