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11-27-17 07:51 PM - Post#1653889    

    In response to Brokennock

Thanks for the suggestion, but it's not something I'm likely to read. I did read several reviews of the book, and it's obvious it espouses views of reality I do not and could never hold.


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11-27-17 09:20 PM - Post#1653910    

    In response to Billnpatti

My own personal condolences....still haven't come totally to grips over losing my Bev. She's been gone about twice as long as your Patti, but it's still hard. God bless compadre...all the very best.

75 Cal.
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11-27-17 09:27 PM - Post#1653913    

    In response to Colorado Clyde

ImVho, all of the Puritans, who arrived in our country aboard the Mayflower, were TURKEYS from England, given how they returned the helpfulness of NA with cruelty & bloodshed & without whose help they wouldn't have survived the first Winter.

yours, satx

Black Hand 
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11-27-17 09:34 PM - Post#1653915    

    In response to Wes/Tex

You never get over the loss of a loved one - it just gets a little easier with time...

Colorado Clyde 
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Colorado Clyde
11-27-17 09:46 PM - Post#1653918    

    In response to satx78247

Turkeys?...Why? because they were a little bent around the ears and got kicked out of England...or because the went to Holland Who graciously accepted them, but left Holland because they were too nice and didn't want their children to grow up Dutch?
So, they thought they would go start their own country( ) But, you know how that turned out.....Funny thing is, they never did get their own charter...

Turkeys?.....Complete with all the fixins...

Other than the posthumously awarded
"Thanksgiving," what can we really attribute to the pilgrims?

Black Hand 
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11-28-17 07:19 AM - Post#1653953    

    In response to Colorado Clyde

  • Colorado Clyde Said:
Other than the posthumously awarded "Thanksgiving," what can we really attribute to the pilgrims?

Other than a legacy of intolerance and puritanical thinking that still burden the USA - not too much...

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11-28-17 09:00 AM - Post#1653965    

    In response to Black Hand

I always figured the Pilgrims had a good press agent since America really started in Virginia. (Jamestown, Etc.). The Pilgrims were the first "refugees" to come here- maybe that's the deal.
I was reading recently about Ethan Allen. He might have been a Green Mountain Boy but he grew up in Connecticut and the Colony had a "church Tax". Now this is all new to me so I might be off a bit on the details but as I understood it the Puritans sort of evolved into the Congregationalist and they ran the show in Connecticut. Ethan Allen at one point was going to attend Yale and become a minister but then financial issues killed the deal.
If anyone else has ever read anything about colonies taxing the people for a particular denomination- that would be interesting to learn.
And...I actually started off about what foods the Pilgrims ate in Massachusetts at their first thanksgiving.
I'm told a pie without a crust on top was called pudding, so instead of pumpkin pie it was called pumpkin pudding.
And, I'm still trying to find an original succotash recipe, I don't think lima beans are the PC bean and one guy said he used Indian Corn with the multiple colors, and you're supposed to add venison but fresh or dried? They taste different. Maybe just bits of beef jerky.

Colorado Clyde 
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Colorado Clyde
11-28-17 09:54 AM - Post#1653973    

    In response to crockett

  • Quote:
I'm told a pie without a crust on top was called pudding, so instead of pumpkin pie it was called pumpkin pudding.

Townsends posted a video yesterday....Apple pudding.

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