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WITHDRAWN WTS second generation F-series Colt 1851 Navy brand new in the box with all paperwork unfired

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Mar 23, 2005
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I for sale One Colt second generation F-series 1851 Navy new in the box with all paperwork hang tags and plastic bag this is a beautiful revolver and would be wonderful in anyone's collection either to shoot or to just collect the asking price is $800 with pickup and Maryland or $25 shipping to the lower 48 please take a look at this beautiful pistol thank you for your time


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We all know having the original 'paperwork' with a gun is cool, and enhances it's value to the 'next' owner. An excellent modern example is the war trophy pistols and SKS-type rifles brought back by Vietnam vets. Many simply lost the accompanying 'cleared for CONUS' papers, didn't realize the future value of them, or had lost them in a move or mom's cleaning out of a room! I have a standard SKS with at least three original documents connecting it to one Army Sp.5, now deceased. Without the 'papers', the gun would be merely another gun-show SKS. This applies to any fine muzzleloader or percussion commemorative, too.
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