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FOR SALE 2nd gen C series Colt 1851 Navy unfired in box

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Sound Tribe

40 Cal
Oct 8, 2023
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I have a nice 2nd generation C series Colt 1851 Navy that is new, (manufactured in 1974) unfired, and comes with the original style brown box. It has never been used. Only taken out of box for pictures. It still has the factory oils in it.

The gun is in very good condition, just minor wear due to age. No dings/scratches or anything like that. The lock up is very tight and the timing is on point, both are better than I've seen in any reproduction revolver by far.

The case hardening is very vivid and the pictures don't do it justice. It also has an amazing pair of grips, these have great patterns, probably the best I have seen. The bore is excellent and shiny.

I was planning to keep this and never sell it, but I am in need of funds for a few other items.

This is a C series meaning it was manufactured+finished by Colt at their factory, not made by Iver Johnson+finished by Colt like the F series were.

I would sell it for $820 shipped, price is negotiable

I would consider trades/partial trades +/- cash.
Really looking for a Lemat Revolver, Sharps carbine or rifle, Uberti Remington Revolving Carbine, or other rare/interesting gun offers.

I have more/better pictures upon request... these don't capture the amazing case hardening or the nice grips that well





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Shoot me a PM for more pics for some reason they won't upload correctly here but look 10x better than what I posted
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Nice revolver but false statements aren't needed. " not just "refinished" like some of the F series 2nd generation Colts were."
Thank you.

The C series were machined at the Colt factory originally with the help of Val Forgett while the F series were manufactured later by Lou Imperato/Iver Johnson and then "finished" (case hardened + blued) by Colt. Not taking anything away from the F series, I just added in a quick sentence for those who maybe didn't know the difference or what I meant by a "C series" in general.

Sorry if that caused you any confusion. That's all I meant by that statement.

Here is a video titled for the 1860 army, but it explains the history of the 1851 Navy and 2nd generation Colts in general and touches exactly on what I am talking about (starting at 10min 15seconds in) by a very informed guy who is well known in the community. He is very knowledgeable about all things Colt and black powder and cites his sources.

Hope this helps and clears that up for you:

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That was the Signature series not the F Series.
The video explains all about the 2nd generation C and F series if you'd like to take a look. Mike cites his sources as well, if you're saying he makes mistakes and isn't always correct please bring that up to him personally, this isn't the thread to do so.
Edit - Nevermind on the last part as you edited your post to take that sentence out.

If you have any questions you can direct them to my PMs or start a new thread in the proper section, this post is for selling a C series 2nd generation Colt and has nothing to do with any F series guns, I appreciate you bringing the post to the top with your comments but I don't want this type of back and forth conversation on the thread as it's unfair to others who are also trying to sell and now having their posts moved downward.

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Still also looking for a Lemat Revolver and a Sharps Carbine as well
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Got the better pictures to post right. You can see the grips pattern and the case hardening a bit better here.


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