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What Was Under Your Tree?

Muzzleloading Forum

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What kind of muzzleloading stuff did you either gift or score for Christmas?
Well it kinda muzzle loading related, my son bought me a pair of Damascus leatherworking knives (which I'll use to make muzzleloading accoutrements) Rraaaazor sharp! He gave me a general cutting blade and a much needed skiving knife.
Nice gift, really!
What kind of muzzleloading stuff did you either gift or score for Christmas?
I got, well my wife and I got, a NINJA Foodi PossibleCooker PRO.

Well, HOW is that muzzleloader related, Dave?

Venison Stew, venison pot roast, venison chili, squirrel (Brunswick) stew, hunter's pie (shepherd's pie with squirrel), feral pig pulled pork, feral pig roasts, feral pig sausages, feral pig slow cooked ribs.....,


There was a receipt for the check I cut for $20K for our new roof and gutters on our house.
Won't need to be going up on the roof for at least another 25+ years.
And my guess? The next guy to go up on the roof will be the new owner, after I'am gone. :);)
I got the same thing as last year, only bigger. Nothing!

It's not that I've been a bad boy, lately, but my wife and I gave up exchanging gifts some years ago. We already have what we need.

I didn't get off the holiday "financial hook" though, the dishwasher broke down this morning, no kidding!
My wife and I have all we need too, we just exchange thoughtful cards.
In a similar display of Murphy's Law, our daughter's oven's lower cooking element broke just before loading the prime rib into the oven. Thankfully, an elderly neighbor saved the day by loaning us the use of his oven. (their grownup kids were bringing their dinner). It all worked out in the end and it was good to have all the kids and grand gathered under a single roof.

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