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What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

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dang. thats a lot for a tin but before its over that might be cheap. who knows?
Finally got okay weather and free time to coincide. Looked like this might be the only reasonable day for about a week to shoot and there are some commitments in there too.

I used my free time by grabbing my T/C .45 caplock Hawken and heading to the range. I fired a total of 31 shots. I also had the first failure to fire in years, easy fix though. All shots were from a rest at 50 yards testing patches and I found two that shot very well. I'm guessing this gun it from the mid 1970s. My first .50 version I bought in 1976 has identical features to this .45. Anyway if was a great day to make smoke, and that's what I did.
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Well, I managed to give a test block a run. Color wasn't quite what I was after...a little too much red was carried through (looked like a root stained or lye cherry stock before I sanded it back) and the brown needs to be lightened a bit, I think. I'll have to try another.

Still, the dye is quite interesting....depending on how the block is held, it is almost all base color or it shows off the figure like a tiger...the chatoyance of it is pretty amazing. If I can get my final color mix figured out, I suspect this will be quite the looker.
Haven't done anything so far today.

Yesterday I went to my club to sit in on a meeting of the BOD and catch up. There was a pistol shoot going on and I checked it out. This is a regular event that I will participate in next round. I have a pathetic FIE pistol that can be dusted off. A chance to broaden my ml experience.


Also did a few minor updates to the State Association website. Starting to fill in upcoming events around the state. Linked here along with an invitation to join in on the fun.

Swung back by an antique mall today. Picked up the shot flask. Those of you with more knowledge, any idea of identifying based on the markings?


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