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What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

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Making a ball pouch for my 50,
a couple cartridges of powder , a can with some caps and a few dozen balls in the bag


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I loaded up a bunch of paper cartridges for my 36 and 44 revolvers. I enjoy making paper cartridges and using them to speed up the loading of my revolvers. What I don't like is having to clean all of the unburnt paper out of the cylinders. Does anyone else have this problem with paper cartridges and if so what do you do to eliminate or cut back on this task.
I went to a Blackpowder trade fair at Holden, Mo. yesterday!! Picked up some copper goodies and a new to me skillet!
Missed going to Holden.. Wife had plans for us and then our lil grandson Lincoln,, had his daddy call , so he could ask
if he could play with Poppa and Monga??< couldn't resist > I wouldn't of had time to get over there and back.

Missed seeing if Jon Pieron , Jim Turpin and Denny Martinni were there? By the pics, I wudda liked to have had a talk with that Golden Mean guy, ( watched his build on Youtube. )

Glad to see it looked like a decent show!

Respect Always
Out ringing steel with my Frontier .50 cal flintlock. A perfect winter day, temps in the low 30's and a light breeze. Gorgeous blue skies over the Rockies today. If this weather holds out I'll put up the wedge tent next week and camp.

There's another thread going with discussion about persona versus re-enactors versus no interest in "playing dress up"....all good whatever you choose, but since I shoot & camp alone 90% of the time, I'll just be myself. :)

Feb 19th Piikani Camp.jpg
Trigger plate went on the Colonial today...the stock needed a little bit of carving to match the curve as it was rocking like a rocking horse (the inlet perimeter needed the fuzz removed, but that was it). Then it was time to work on the buttplate (sprues and molding lines first, then we'll look at fitting it).

Taking it a little easy, though...did whole blood donation #100 today and don't want to over do anything.
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put the 9" sea service pistol back together after refinishing it.

stripped with citrus-strip leaving some brown in but removed all the awful shellac.

then hit with ebony stain quickly wiping off so it became a weathered look of brown and black. more drying.......hit with true oil Finish twice........more drying. finished off with renaissance wax.

I'm more than happy how it turned out. before and after pics.



sea worthy now !!!!!

They have it every year!
How about a calendar on your fridge with a big fat red circle around the appropriate date? :p

Hope you make it to the show next year, Icemanxxxv! 👍

Cheers, Pete

Always the weekend before Presidents' Day? As Aussie Pete said I would like to mark it on my calendar with a big red circle, but I need to know if it is held the same weekend every year.
Had a fantastic day with the Yadkin Valley Longrifles at our monthly shoot yesterday. We had about 18 shooters, several first-time guests. I have shot better, but cant say that I have had many more enjoyable days than this one!
At the end of the rifle match, several guys did a follow-up pistol shoot. My good buddy Charles was on fire with that .45 flintlock! Highest score I would say. I didn't do too badly with my .50 smoothbore flintlock as well.
A great day with good folk.
What is the snail and email addresss of the Yadkin Valley Longrifles? I live in Boone. I am 86 yrs young and hope the range is on the Boone side of Yadkinville.
I was rummaging around downstairs looking for some brass to reload and ran across these 36 caliber paper cartridges,I know they are at least 4 years old possibly 5,so being curious I grabbed the Pietta 1851 Navy that was laying on bench and stepped outside to see if they're still good,I wasn't sure they'd work since being stored at least 4 years in high humidity basement,I popped off 2 cylinders and all went off just like they was loaded yesterday.
I believe that was 2nd time I've shot the little Pietta,she needs some timing work and smoothed up,at 12 yards she's 3" high but windage dang close I'm going to have to piddle with her get action better and taller front sight


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I wonder if some of that old military solvent that was used to try to kill the corrosion in the corrosive primers will work ?
I bought a can of that at the surplus store once. It's disgusting stinking stuff. I don't know how it might work on BP fouling but at least water doesn't stink! 🤣
Strolled into the basement this morning to grab a gun and go look for some squirrels. Got stopped in my tracks when I saw water running out of the bottom of the water heater!! So, the rest of the day was spent getting a replacement, pulling the old one out and then waiting for son in law to finish a job and come help me wrestle the new one into the basement. Of course there had to be the obligatory hardware store run for a couple essential parts 🙄 so it's in and fired up. Bout an hour and I can take a needed hot shower.

The whole thing a big PITA, but there is that sense of satisfaction at having done it (almost) by myself.

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